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Volvo FL 6 horses with mobilhome

year chassis2007
year horsebox construction2021
Qty horses6

Volvo FL 240 year 2007
MTM 18000 kg - empty weight 10500 kg
air suspension on back axle
engine 240 HP - 350000 km
tempomat / cruise control
leather seats with air suspension
electrical windows
Radio / CD
electrical mirros with heating
Drive back camera
Trailer coppling Westfalia 3,5T


6 horses heads to left side
hydraulic backside ramp with rubber and aluminium side fences
Doors between horses in aluminium and stainless steel, movable sliding in rail
with cushions and plastic
Floor in rubber antislip 12mm
Electrical ventilation
Roof windows
Side windows
Camera with color screen near to driver
LED lights on 24V
Saddle room on left side
Water installation to clean horses
Storage space on the side


Table with leather seats
Topsleeper to sleep with 2 persons and 2 persons on table (4 persons in total)
Kitchen with fridge, microwave en electrical stove
Douche room with toilet and sink
TV with HD antenne
Boiler 220V
Openingfrom cabin to mobilhome
Extra batteries 24V for mobilhome with charger
Benzine generator 220 V - 4000 W
Airco / chauffage 220V
Stainless steel watertank for clean water 250 liter
Stainless steel watertank for dirty water 250 liter
Door from mobilhome to horses